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“Tonal Achtli, Semilla del Sol, Seed of the Sun”

29 minute English/Spanish DVD

In “Tonal Achtli, Semilla del Sol, Seed of the Sun” Rosa Guerrero narrates a visual journey of millenary history as illustrated by artist Gabriel S. Gaytan.  This 29 minute DVD includes Gaytan’s paintings which takes the viewer through a  MesoAmerican Visual Literacy experience with art, history and culture.  For Mexican-Americans history begins before the arrival of Christopher Columbus and Hernán Cortez.  It is a past that has been silenced for over 500 years.  We are the Fifth sun the epoch in which a new light shines on the indigenous peoples of the Americas which brings a promise of peace and understanding to Chicanos and their neighbors.

DVD is $20 each plus shipping.

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